Telephone Poles

From the album Force Fed Beauty

I was out one day walking my favorite, favorite god.
And when I looked I saw that I had lost my god.
I drew up posters that looked kind of like my god.
To put on telephone poles around my neighborhood.

But no one saw my god.
No one saw my god.

I called the god pound right when I got home.
I got their answer machine, their answer machine said.
That they weren't open until 9 o'clock am that morning.
And then it disconnected like it didn't care.

So I waited and I waited and I waited.
And then I waited and I waited, waited, waited.

When they finally answered their phone at 9 am.
They said they didn't have my god and then they hung up.
Just like that, they hung up. Just like that they hung up.
I made more posters and I found more telephone poles.

I lost my god. 3X

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